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“It is a pleasure working with Steve. He is a great colleague and a thoughtful collaborator. His wise advice on theoretical and practical research issues is always welcome.”

Robert Cadigan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Social Sciences
Boston University

“I have known and worked with Dr. Stephen Soreff for many years. Steve and I co-authored a training textbook for healthcare workers on the use of de-escalation strategies in managing the combative patient.  We conducted staff trainings on this topic at more than fifty skilled nursing homes throughout the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Dr. Soreff is a caring and compassionate healthcare service provider and an expert in his field. “

David L. Siddle, Ph.D.
Professor, Emeritus Assumption College, Worcester, MA

7 August 2016 

SUBJECT:   Dr. Soreff Recommendation.

Let me begin by introducing myself; I am Jaye J. Vilchock. Chief of Nottingham NH Fire Rescue. I am responsible for Emergency Medical Transport Services at the ALS level and fire protection for a Seacoast NH community which encompasses approximately 49 square miles, three lakes and a popular state park with an area of 5,500 acres.  I have been privileged to lead, as Fire Chief, since 2007. I am a 28 year member of this organization.  Our department is a “combination” department consisting of career and call members.  Our average emergency call response volume is 400/year.

Dr. Stephen Soreff, known to my members as Dr. Steve, is valuable resource to our department and as such was awarded “Honorary Membership” in 2008.  Dr. Steve has presented several mental health, behavioral emergency and wellness topics such as EMS and PTSD to our “call” and professional department members.  He interacted with the audiences by not only providing them with key important and practical information but also offering it in an engaging fashion.  The audiences often included local law enforcement officers.  We are proud and extremely fortunate to have Dr. Soreff as part of our Fire - Rescue team.  Thank you Dr. Soreff.

If you have any questions regarding this correspondence, please contact the undersigned via department cell phone 603.706.2032.

Jaye Joseph Vilchock
Chief, Nottingham
Fire Rescue

Steve Soreff has presented his lecture, “The Wilderness Speaks,” at AMC’s Highland Center many times, sharing his interactive program on the voices of the wilderness with guests and visitors

Sara DeLucia is the Programs Manager at AMC’s Highland Center, where she plans and implements a variety of outdoor and indoor programming for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sara DeLucia, Program Manager