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Adolescent Interviewing
Suicidal  Adolescents
Adolescent Aggression
Integrative Strategies


Aggression in the Elderly
The Challenge of Alzheimer’s
Senior Suicide
Mid- Life Reevaluation 
Transition from Work to Retirement


Effective Interviewing
Understanding Suicide
Time Management
Movies : Education & Therapy

Stephen Soreff, M.D., is a nationally known Author, Lecturer, and Teacher in the field of Mental Health Services. He has authored ten books to include: The Handbook of the Treatment of the Seriously Mentally Ill, The Documentation Survival Handbook, and the EMS Street Strategies, Edition 2. Dr Soreff will bring to your educational setting, two decades of psychiatric emergency practice gained on the front lines of medicine, fifteen years of college and university teaching and a wealth of assessment, planning and integrated strategies to work together with your colleagues with people who might require additional assistance in which to function and be productive.