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Stephen Michael Soreff, M.D.
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Expertise in emergency psychiatry, total quality improvement, mental health systems, dynamic documentation, geriatric initiatives, information services, communications patterns, innovative experiential learning, program development, grant writing and stress management.

Education Initiatives, Nottingham, NH, President 1994-
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, Boston, MA 1996-
Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH 2004-
Psychiatric Consultant, Nottingham Fire & Rescue, Nottingham, NH 2008-

Fisher College, Boston, MA 1997-2013
Rivier College, Nashua, NH 2010-2015
Advisory Board, Institute on Disability, University of New Hampshire 2008-2015
New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH 2012-2015
Daniel Webster College, Nashua, MA 2008-2017
Boston University, Metropolitan College, Boston, MA
Chester College of New England, Chester, NH 2008-2012
webMD MedscapeReference, Psychiatry Editor-in-Chief 1999-2011
New Hampshire Educators Online, NH, Dept Education 2006-2008
Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH 2006-2008
Worcester State College, Worcester, MA 2004-2006
New Hampshire, Dept of Education, Office of School Health 2005-2007
Stonehill College, Easton, MA 1995-2006
WCUW-FM/ 91.3, Worcester, MA Worcester Health Team 1993-2005
Worcester Institute for Senior Education (W.I.S.E.), Worcester, MA 1998 -2004
HMA Behavioral Health, Inc., Dir., Quality Improv, Worcester, MA 1993- 2003
WCCA-TV, Public Access Television Director of Development 2000-2003
Westborough State Hospital, Westborough, Massachusetts 1988-1994
Chief of Psychiatry, Mercy Hospital, Portland, Maine 1982 1987
Attending Psychiatrist, Maine Medical Center, Portland, Maine 1973 1987
Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry,
University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, Vermont 1980 1987
Director of Emergency and Consultation Psychiatry,

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American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology –Diplomate in Psychiatry 1975
Maine Medical Center, Portland Chief Resident 1972 1973
Maine Medical Center, Portland Psychiatric Resident 1970 1973
Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington, Seattle Rotating Intern 1969 1970
Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago M.D. 1965 1969
Tufts University, Medford B.A. in sociology 1960 1965
Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH 2006
New Hampshire Educators Online, New Hampshire, Dp. Education 2006-8
Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, Laconia, Salem NH 2004-
Worcester State College, Worcester, MA 2004-
Boston University-Metropolitan College 2000-
Mount Wachusett Community College 1999-2003
Worcester Institute for Senior Education (WISE), Worcester, MA 1998-
Fisher College, Boston, MA 1997-
Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA 1996-1999
The Salter School, Worcester, MA, Continuing Education 1999-2002
Municipal Leadership Training Institute, Worcester, MA 1995-1998
Founder, Co-Director/Facilitor Basic Course, Director First Advanced Class
Assumption College, Social and Rehabilitation Institute 1993-1995
Courses-Psychiatric Rehabilitation I & II, Family Systems
Counseling and Interviewing, Medical Rehabilitation
Education Committee, Westborough State Hospital 1988-1994
Chairman 1992-1994
Jewish Healthcare Center, Worcester, MA, Director-CNA II Course 1995-1998
Stonehill College: Continuing Education Program 1992-2005
Quality Assurance Seminar Using a Case Study for University of Massachusetts Medical School students 1990-1991
Clark University, courses: Mental Health: Controversies 1991
Mental Illness in US Society 1990
Teaching University of Massachusetts Medical School students and
psychiatric residents in Quality Improvement, Risk Management 1988 1994
Lecturer, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts 1987
Individual supervision of psychiatric residents in psychotherapy,
Maine Medical Center 1973 1987
Developing and conducting the Scientific Sessions for the
medical staff at the Maine Medical Center 1977 1987
Teaching family practice residents hospital psychiatry 1982 1987
Instructing and supervision of psychiatric residents in emergency
psychiatry, consultation work, and psychosomatic medicine 1973 1985
Working with dialysis staff on psychosocial issues 1980 1987
Psychiatric consultant and faculty to Maine EMS 1976-1983 Visiting Lecturer in Psychiatry, Bowdoin College 1973

Documentation and Literature Referencing for Medical Students 1994
Diversion Units and the Continuum of Care 1994
High Inpatient Utilization Program 1994
Hospital Transfers 1993
Comparison of Admission Units 1992-1994
Patient Care Satisfaction Survey 1991-1994
Readmission Study 1991-1993
A Study of Patients' Mental Health Careers 1989-1991
Total Quality Improvement Studies 1988-1994
Consultant, New England Study of Severity Index and
Quality of Care Assessment in Emergency Psychiatry 1984 1988

Brittan Square Neighborhood Association 1992-2005
Vice President 1993-2005
Editor, The Brittan Square Bugle 1993-2005
Board of Directors, Worcester Public Library 1992-1999
Vice President 1998-1999
American College of Psychiatrists 1977 1993
American College of Mental Health Administration 1981
Fellow 1984
Program Chairman 1987 1988
American Psychosomatic Society 1983 1990
American Society of Quality Control 1991-
American Psychiatric Association 1973 1988
Fellow, APA 1980 1988
Maine Psychiatric Association 1973 1988
President 1978 1979
Chairman, Ethics Committee 1985 1987
Maine Medical Association 1973 1987
Impaired Physician Committee 1982 1987
Goodwill Industries of Maine
Board of Directors 1975 1987
Vice President 1985 1987
Appalachian Mountain Club 1970
Information Volunteer and Editor of INFO: Info 1999-
Mystic Seaport Museum 1975
Temple Sinai-Chairman, Adult Education + Worship Committee 1998-2000
Pawtuckaway Lake Improvement Association 2005-
Weed Watch Captain 2007-
NH Advisory Committee, Consumer Survey 2009-
Etz Hayim Synagogue Board, President, Derry, NH 2014-
The Forum, Chairperson of its Board 2011-
Nottingham Historical Society 2011-
Jewish Federation of New Hampshire 2012-

1st Annual Media Award from American Heart Association, New England Affiliate for the Worcester Health Team, 2000.
Walter E. Barton, M.D., Award from the American College of Mental Health Administration to S. Soreff and W. James for their paper "The Use of Data to Engage the Medical Staff in Quality Improvement: The Notation Accountability Goals System (NAGS)," March 20, 1993.
Massachusetts Quality Award 1995-1996
COMPLETION: Human Subjects Protection Training: Social & Behavioral Focus Company Name Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative 2016