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The Key to Peak Mental Health and Wellness

From theory to practice, Education Initiatives, LLC is your source for effective life transition counseling. Based in Nottingham, New Hampshire, Stephen Soreff provides productive experiential learning sessions that help you get back to a better life. Specializing in adolescent development and senior aging, Stephen helps you identify, and resolve, your issues.

The Biopsychosocial Information Perspective

As its name suggests, the Biopsychosocial Information approach to mental health counseling examines your total mental health through a variety of approaches. It takes into account biological and psychological factors and contextualizes them in relation to your current social and cultural environment. Stephen is available to teach students the core tenets of this perspective as well as provide counseling to clients.

Effective Strategies

Discover yourself with mental health counseling. Through a unique, interactive, and collaborative environment, Stephen offers experiential learning opportunities in three major areas: Adolescent Services, Aging Services, and Special Topics. He is committed to delivering excellence in everything he does.

Adolescent Services

While growing up is never easy, there are many opportunities to learn with each life experience. Stephen works with clients to ensure a positive environment for adolescents, covering topics like:

Adolescent Interviewing and Evaluation • The Suicidal Adolescent • Adolescent Aggression • Integrative Strategies: The Biopsychosocial Information Model

Elderly Couple

Aging Services

Although society views seniors as entering their “Golden Years", in reality aging for some means a number of challenges.  These include physical and mental changes, isolation, and feelings of alienation. Doctor Soreff offers a series programs to address the maturity issues.

Aggression in the Elderly • Alzheimer's • Senior Suicide • Mid-Life Reevaluation • Seniors in the Movies • Time Management

Special Services

Life is always in a persistent state of change and transition. Whatever comes your way, Stephen helps you approach each issue with a clear mind and direction. He works with you to help you discover your strengths, so that you may overcome perceived obstacles. Stephen's specialized services include:

Effective Interviewing • Understanding Suicide • Movies as Education and Therapy • Time and Crisis Management • Transitioning from Work to Retirement